What I did not do.

I lied.  We’re not starting this week.  I just couldn’t let go of summer.  I saw all the photos of other children going off to school, and I felt so happy for them and their parents.  I miss that a little bit!  But, I am also basking in what we did not do this week.  For example:

-We did not rush out of the house before 8:00; not even once.

-We did not argue with the kids to go to bed earlier.  In fact, right now, Lane and Jack are playing in their bedroom, Felix is watching a monkey show on my phone (he’s nearly asleep), and Bridget and Brian are spending some time at my sister’s house.  Sweet.

-We did not make or eat even one packed lunch.

-We did not spend a dime on “back to school” attire.

-We did not fill out any “What I did this summer” questionnaires.  Teachers would have been appalled at the answers, anyway.

I think that we will go to the beach tomorrow.

Educationally yours,




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